I just noticed after examining some if my photos… That:
- A majority of my Elsanna drawings, Elsa is on the left with Anna to the right…
- I have 659 drawings in my IPad Photo storage…
- I have about 39 (or more) Elsanna drawings in my iPad Photo storage…
- In my sketch book express app, I have drawn (or re-copied) a total of 744 sketches…
-I have bought a lot of art books this year, about 3 are (partially/fully) filled with Elsanna…
-I have some Elsanna drawings I’ve never posted before…
-I have no real life, but to draw or game excessively. OTL



Alright, so after feeling empowered by the opinions I’ve received from several people I’ve sent a draft of the first chapter to, I’ve decided to reveal some details about the Fic I’m writing. I’m planning on making it multi-chaptered, and updating it fairly often for at least the first few…



Nelsa rig Promo from Uny pron on Vimeo.

You waited for it, You’ve deserved it!!!

Nelsa Rig v1.2

This rig is now FREE for download and you can do whatever you

want with it (excluding commercial purposes). Animate it, take it apart,

improve it or completely change it!!!

Thank you…


Because I find my sketches are kind of… “ugly” and messy
Comparing my art to others, finding mine isn’t as “good”
It’s probably just me, thinking of bad thoughts
Telling myself mine isn’t as good, or nice
Making an effort is all that matters
And doing it for your pleasure
Taking a pencil in hand
Tilting it every which way
Every hand stoke meaning something
Rendering thoughts for something “simple”
Something you, and others will enjoy to see…